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When you watch a lift, can you see the "CAUSE" vs the "Symptom"?

When you or an athlete "miss forward" that is a SYMPTOM! There is something in the movement that CAUSED you to "miss forward!"

Just thinking "Don't Miss Forward," "Stay Back" or "Pull Harder" will not fix the underlying CAUSE!

But, what if you could see exactly where things were going wrong? A quick adjustment and BOOM you make the lift!

But Not All Lifters Move the Same??... When is a "Unique" Difference OK?
Have you ever noticed that members of a weightlifting team often have similarities based on their technique model?


Some athletes have "unique" differences... 

When are those differences good? And when are they bad?

All athletes have unique differences. You'll be able to know when a unique difference hurts a lift and when it is OK.  That will allow you to correctly fix what is truly wrong and that will let you lift more weight!

A Story of Learning
Olympic Weightlifting is like a jigsaw puzzle. I would always ask myself two questions when I started... 

1. Do I see all the "pieces" that exist? (Piece = Key aspects of the Lifts)
2. What "piece" will my coach go after first and why?

Through this process, my eye for weightlifting developed quickly. I started to see the "causes" of the major "symptoms." A huge breakthrough was learning most of the issues started at the beginning of the lift! 

However, I still struggled at first to understand which "piece" to attack first. Days and weeks were spent programming and drilling to fix an issue that ultimately was still a "symptom." The way I fixed this was trusting a more experienced coach to come in and help. 

There would be times that I would discover whole new "pieces" I didn't even realize existed. Making a correction to that unknown "piece" I would watch the issue I had spent so long trying to fix... disappear.

What Is OlyEye?
OlyEye consists of 30 minute lessons delivered to you twice a month. An experienced coach will guide you through the review of multiple athletes performing multiple exercises with the goal of improving the Olympic Lifts.

During these reviews you have the opportunity to assess the athletes first.... What would you fix!? Then... The experienced coach will highlight what we would fix and why! We'll be highlighting the "Cause" and how it leads to the "symptom."

We will also discuss corrective drills and movements we are adding into the athletes programming. You'll also get to see these athletes overtime to see how the drills are working and how the issue is being corrected!!

How an Athlete Used Olyeye to Lift More

Here is how Shawn Lewis used Olyeye to reach new PR's - 
"One thing I forgot was to tell you what helped me the most with the sessions I have watched.  In the sessions, you would slow down the movements and highlight the areas for improvement.  What I would do is record my own lifts, and put them up side by side with your videos so that I could look for the same issues in my lifts.  Because I do not have a coach watching my lifts everyday, this was extremely helpful.  It allowed me to look at one aspect of the lift at a time and see if improvements could be made."

More Details

This system ONLY requires an hour a month to see significant improvement in your ability to spot the "causes" of weightlifting issues!

Sessions are delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks.  You can participate as your schedule permits! 

No Hassle Guarantee
We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee... No hassle! If you got through your first two lessons and feel it isn't for you then you'll receive a full refund. 


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Correcting Issues

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I have been lifting and coaching for almost 8 years. I've attended seminars, classes and clinics often. However, once I had the opportunity to routinely watch more experienced coaches correct lifters was when I really started to see my lifts and coaching improve by leaps and bounds! There is no better feeling when someone complements my new CrossFit athletes for moving well with the Olympic Lifts.

Aaron Jannetti

Co-Owner/Coach/Athlete - Endeavor Defense and Fitness

How Does It Work


Simply click here to become a member of the OlyEye Monthly Guided Sessions.

You will receive 2 - 30 minute lessons a month. These sessions will show a number of lifts (snatch, clean, jerk, and aux movements). Following sessions will be delivered every two weeks.



Access your first session INSTANTLY.

You'll receive an email as soon as you join with your first lesson! Then you'll continue to receive a lesson every two weeks!



Commit and Lift More Weight!

As you continue through the lessons you'll start to see the "causes" to issues in your lifts and others. Now armed with seeing what the TRUE "causes" are you'll be able to use what you've learned in the OlyEye lessons to fix it. Oh... and we highlight the drills and corrections we use to fix the "causes" we see in our sessions!


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